Scope of Services

In-Scope Solutions

is available for a variety of Fatigue Based Professional Safety services.

In scope solutions specializes in assisting businesses and organizations to find safety solutions for workplace fatigue issues.

Specializing in fatigue management presentations, training, and resource development, with experience in Fatigue Risk Management Strategies and variance negotiations, In-Scope is available to assist your organization in reaching its fatigue based safety goals. 

Each individual project will be reviewed and a statement of work will be provided.

P1030638   Ride Along 1  IMG_1110

In-Scope Solution Services

  • Worker fatigue management competency

  • fatigue risk management strategies (FRMS)

  • Fatigue risk assessment

  • Fatigue Awareness Industry Presentations

  • Fatigue Resource development and training

  • Hours of service negotiations

  • Other Areas

Please use the drop down menu  to discover some of the current and recent projects In-scope has had the opportunity to work on.

Canada Underground Mine 4derailment

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